1001 Inventions

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1001 Inventions
Image by Abdulla Al Muhairi
الكتاب الوحيد الذي اشتريته من مكتبة جرير اليوم، لدي عذري! فقد كنت أبحث عنه منذ وقت طويل ولم أجده إلا اليوم وكانت فرصة لا يجب أن تضيع.

inventions 3
Image by anna_t
Found these sketches while cleaning out before moving – some inventions I dreamed of when the kids were babies.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?   Amazing Homemade Inventions 2017 #8

This is a bedside table that you can easily pull in in front of yourself while lying in bed.

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