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1. FARC rebels and the Colombian government have committed to lasting peace, ending a war that ended in the death and displacement of over 7 million people.
2. Sri Lanka has become Malaria free, you know the mosquito borne disease that is one of the most deadly killers on the planet. This took 5 years of working to exile the disease from their borders.
3. Thanks to an aggressive breeding program in China, the Giant Panda has been removed of the endangered species list.
4. For the first time in 100 years, Tiger numbers have actually increased with a current rate of doubling by 2022.
5. Homeless US veteran numbers have dropped by 50% in the past decade and nearly 20% in 2016 alone.
6. A major public health shift has happened in Malawi, since the program began in 2004, 260,000 lives have been saved with the reduction of HIV rates by 67%.
7. India shattered the world record for most amount of trees planted in a day. 50 million trees were planted by 800,000 volunteers.
8. The ocean cleanup prototype developed by Boyan Slat is starting this year. This project aims to clean up 40% of ocean-borne plastics.
9. Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves, developed over a century ago has been proven correct marking a major scientific milestone.
10. At it’s lowest point in 25 years, world hunger along with poverty is dropping worldwide.
11. The solar impulse 2 was the first solar airplane to fly across the Pacific Ocean. This opens the doors to a world of possibilities.
12. For 299 days Costa Rica ran entirely on 100% renewable energy. They will likely be the first country completely off fossil fuels.
13. The manatee, a once endangered animal has seen their numbers grow. Back in the 1970s only a few hundred could be spotted off the coast of Florida, today over 6000 have been counted.
14. Charitable donations have dramatically increased, 2016 was the most charitable year in American history and China’s contributions have gone up 10x since a decade ago.

Giving USA: 2015 Was America’s Most-Generous Year Ever

15. Canadian researchers developed an Ebola vaccine with 100% efficacy. This was desperately needed in many African countries like Sierra Leone.
16. 85% of the world’s largest temperate rainforest in British Columbia, Canada where protected making this a landmark environmental agreement.
17. In 2016, 40 new marine sanctuaries across 20 different countries were established, protecting an area larger than the United States.
18. After landing a rocket upright, SpaceX made history as the first company to be able to reuse rockets. This discovery will make space exploration significantly cheaper opening a new era of discovery of the unknown.
19. To further combat and eradicate poverty and disease in African, the Gates Foundation announced another 5 billion dollars in aid.
20. Israel, one of the driest countries on the planet produces 55% of its domestic water by desalinating ocean water from the Mediterranean.

How a new source of water is helping reduce conflict in the Middle East

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