2GIG Go Control Panel Alarm Unlock and Pairing A Light Switch and C02 Detector


The Go Control Panel is an excellence choice for an easy alarm and some home automation items. The Go Control panel controls 3 items via Zwave: Lights, Door Locks, and Thermostats. It can also be upgrade with a series of alarm sensors and wireless IP cameras. The only problem I have 3 problems with it. 1 Installers can lock up the main reason to have this panel (Zwave) and will most likely charge to activate it. 2 the API is so locked up there is no third party controllers. So there is no expandability. I’d love to use IRULE (home automation remote control) to control a 2GIG and Veralite for ultimate Security and Home Automations. The 3rd beef is the 3 year contract you will be paying. Well SmartHomeSD has been working on something and will be showing in the near future.

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