5 Latest Technology Gadgets You Must See in 2017 #53

5 Latest Technology Gadgets You Must See in 2017 #53
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5 Latest Technology Gadgets You Must See in 2017 #53

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EyeQue: Test your vision
anywhere, anytime. No appointment. No co-pay. Just you, EyeQue, and your smartphone

Orbit wheels are almost like skateboards and inline skates, but offers more freedom and simplicity than either of the two. The design involves two wheels, and a footrest in the middle. They are designed for use with two feet, giving you unlimited capabilities to different tricks and maneuvers which can be as creative as your imagination.

RideBlock: Record, Analyze & Share your tricks. Play game of S.K.A.T.E with anyone in the world!https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rideblock-the-first-skateboard-motion-tracker-sports-technology–3#/

Orbii: A Mobile Home Security Robot with HD Video
It’s not just for fun: it monitors home security, integrates with smart devices & much, much more.

Droneball The Collision Tolerant Drone
Record your adventures with Droneball Go the worlds first collision tolerant consumer FPV Drone. Complete with smart cage, means you can go where no drone has gone before. . It can crash, tumble, battle, race and roll all in complete control. Take your FPV/Drone experience to a new level. The possibilities are endless.
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