7 Ways To Enhance Web Traffic To Your Business Website

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Web traffic has several different meanings. It could mean the number of hits on your website or number of pages viewed by visitors on your website. It could also mean the number of sessions on your website by a single visitor. The meaning changes with the aim of the website. Some of you may want to increase the number of visitor on your site while some of you would want the visitors to view more pages on your site. However, one thing that every business website eventually aims to do, whichever way you look at it, is to increase ‘web traffic’.

So how does one go about it? Well, there are several effective ways you can work on increasing website traffic.

1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

The first thing you can work on is to use different methods to optimize your business website for the best possible page recall on the search engine. This includes both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You can do this by tagging titles correctly, using focused content, using keyword specific titles etc.

2. Link exchange

One other method of increasing web traffic to your business website is using link exchange. This method is most effective when you exchange website links with relevant sites. This is one sure shot way to get visitors to you website. Search engines will rank such pages higher as well.

3. Using ‘Pay Per Clicks’ services by search

This method of increasing web traffic will mean you have to spend money. But the upside is that the visitor on your website will usually be a prospective lead for your business instead of just being some random visitor. It is worth a try!

4. Blogs

Blogs are increasingly viewed as low cost or no cost marketing tools. Using corporate blogs to post updated links or promotional material is a good way to increase website traffic.

5. Online advertisements

Another way to increase website traffic is using online advertising. You can use interesting banner advertisements on relevant or complimentary websites and can also make use of classifieds or yellow pages and other means of advertising to achieve you goals.

6. Press releases

Website Traffic

Another innovative method of driving web traffic is to use online Press Releases. There are many websites both paid and unpaid, where you can post press releases with your latest business updates. You can also link these directly to your business website.

Website Traffic

7. RSS feeds

Another effective way of increasing web traffic is using RSS Feeds. You can choose to subscribe to relevant RSS feeds which would be stored in a specific page on your website. This material is free of copyrights and can be published without legal hassles.

Why would you want to enhance web traffic? The answer is quite obvious. To increase visibility, popularity, business recall etc. If it is a business site, you might want to increase sales, or just build brands value, attract more clients and in the end, enhance profitability.

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