AF Week in Photos

Assorted Instrumentation

AF Week in Photos
Cope North 16 included 22 flying units and nearly 3,000 personnel from six countries and continued the growth of strong, interoperable and beneficial relationships within the Indo-Asia-Pacific region through integration of airborne and land-based …
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How do you beat Donald Trump? You punch him. Over and over.
It is a rare that a campaign that can drive the agenda does not take control of a race. Opponents to Trump should have a calculated strategy on how best … Debates are serious and important, and Romney respected their importance. He studied for the …
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PS341 inhibits hepatocellular and colorectal cancer cells through the FOXO3
In order to identify the potential role of PS341 in HCC and CRC therapy, we first examined the function of PS341 in two HCC cell lines HepG2 and Huh7 and two CRC cell lines HT29 and LoVo, respectively. We cultured each cell line with different …

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