All-New Kindle E-Reader Review – 8th Generation – 2016 Model


All-New Kindle E-Reader Review - 8th Generation - 2016 Model

All-New Kindle 6″ E-reader Review – 8th Generation – 2016 model
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Today I’m reviewing the All-New 8th Generation Kindle E-Reader from Amazon. This is probably Amazon’s most popular e-reader and is also the least expensive E-reader in the Kindle Lineup. From a distance, the Kindle looks like almost any other tablet. But when you take a closer look, you see a matte, black and white 6” screen surrounded by a somewhat thick bezel. More about that in a minute. The body is made from a black matte plastic and is available in two colors: black and white. The bottom edge has the micro usb charge port and power button, with an LED indicator between them. The All-New Kindle E-reader devices are at their core, dedicated devices to read books on. They give you access to Amazon’s gigantic selection of books: whether you read fiction, non-fiction or even textbooks. Now you can always read books on any other tablet; But what makes the Kindle unique is it’s matte, black and white, E-ink screen which is really easy on the eyes and tries to replicate the experience of reading a physical book. Not only is the screen easy on the eyes, you can read it even in the bright sunlight, when you’re outdoors. Most tablets just don’t do a very good job of this and this is very important if you plan to read on the beach or on a park bench or even outdoors in your backyard. The All-new kindle e-reader is also very comfortable to hold in one hand and doesn’t feel heavy or tire your hand out. And just to give you a sense of how light it is, it’s almost half the weight of the Kindle Fire HD6 Tablet, which also has a 6” screen. The Kindle’s interface is really a customized version of Amazon’s book section. The home page has all your book downloads and a few suggestions of what books Amazon feels might interest you. From the Homepage, you can search for almost any book on the planet or browse amazon’s curated selection in almost any genre. And like a physical book, you can always page through several pages of the book by tapping the “Try Sample” option, before you pay for a book. The Kindle versions of most books are also a bit cheaper than their paperback siblings, which is an added advantage in the long run. Once your purchase or sample downloads onto your device, It’s immediately available under your library on the homepage. To start reading, tap on the book. The book opens up and occupies the whole screen. To page forward, tap anywhere on the right hand edge of the screen. To page back, tap anywhere on the left hand edge. What I really like about the Kindle and something that you won’t find on a physical book, are the interactive features. For example, touching and holding a word in a book, brings up the definition of the word, wikipedia information about the word and even a translation feature that allows you to translate to almost any language. You can also highlight a word or leave a note for future reference. Something that’s very helpful, especially for textbooks. Tapping on the of the screen also brings up options like going back to the homepage, changing your text size or even adding bookmarks. And even if you exit out of the book, when you open the book up next time, you’ll be brought right back to where you left it the last time. After using the reader several times over the past few days, I still have over 60% of charge left on the device. Really helpful when you’re on the go. Now I mentioned that it handles reading outdoors in the sun, very
So is the All-new 8th Generation Kindle worth the money? I definitely feels it’s worth every penny. It’s simple well-thought out device that’s great for folks who read a lot. It’s light and works great for reading outdoors and has a lot of very thoughtful interactive features that really add to the book reading experience. Great for someone who reads a lot outdoors and in well-lit rooms. However, if you want an e-reader to use in bed or with the lights turned off, I’d recommend upgrading to the Kindle PaperWhite, which comes with a built-in backlight. I’ll leave links to both these devices below. Hope this review was useful. If it was, please Hit that LIKE button and subscribe for more reviews. Thanks for watching and see you next time.
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