Ask and You Shall Receive: This Time you Will!


Ask and You Shall Receive: This Time you Will!

This little but powerful booklet provides the tools as questions to change your life in a very different way. Every week I would find myself in front of a self-help bookstand looking for another book to change or fix myself. And every week my life will keep on being a wreck; my relationships stunk making me miserable, angry and defeated. I would react to people and situations. Depression sometimes will take over sitting day after day in front of a TV thinking I would never get out of this situation I was living. Other times anger, sadness or fear will take over. All of the best sellers from famous writers I read would give beautiful and very logical explanations, but none gave me the permanent, practical and easy solution I knew existed. This booklet does, if you are persistent… and there are hundreds of testimonials to prove it.I now live in the question. How does it get any better than this? Living this way brought me the peace I was looking for. All situations, the good and the bad ones are welcomed with ease and joy knowing that the solutions are very easily provided after asking the right question. I discovered that I could change any situation as hard as it would seem. I began flowing like water in all areas and shine in areas I thought I could never perform. The question “Who does it belong to? ” made me realize that it was true that 98% of our feelings, emotions or thoughts do not belong to us. We are like antennas absorbing and projecting all thoughts from everybody around. So the moment I started asking this question when feeling lousy, the energy of the feeling would dissipate confirming it did not belong to me. So there I was, liberated from those feelings I was going through and living life to the fullest, being Me, thinking my thoughts and not somebody else’s.Life became so easy to live. For every situation such as Self Love, Relationship, Health, Parenting, Money and Business, I would ask a question and the Universe will honor me by answering it and mak

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