“Askew” – a sculpture by Roxy Paine at North Carolina Museum of Art

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“Askew” – a sculpture by Roxy Paine at North Carolina Museum of Art
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Image by UGArdener
I spent a Saturday morning at the superb North Carolina Museum of Art. I hope to return several times, and to keep adding to a set that will show the range of the collections, the beautifully designed new building, and the outdoor sculpture park and greenway that connect it to North Carolina’s capitol city.




"Askew is part of a series of works described by Roxy Paine as “dendroids,” treelike forms with elaborate branching structures. The monumental sculpture has been installed in the Museum’s south garden, adjacent to the main entrance of the new building and visible from numerous vantage points both inside and outside the Museum. As Paine has stated, “I’ve processed the idea of a tree and created a system for its form. I take this organic, majestic being and break it down into components and rules. The branches are translated into pipe and rod.”

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Paine visited the Museum in April of 2007 to get a feel for the environment and prepare for his site-specific work. He brought his ideas back to his rural studio in Treadwell, New York, where he built the sculpture in sections, over the course of a year.


Jeff Koons / St James’ Square
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Image by slimmer_jimmer
Balloon Flower (Magenta) by Jeff Koons.

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Taking a break from all my shots of The Scallop, here’s another scultpure. I caught this on it’s last day on public display in St James’s Square before it was auctioned for £12.9m at Christie’s (check out the security guard caught in it’s magenta glow).

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Corn Liquor
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Image by dbnunley
This is in the cook house at Ingles Castle, a partially restored house built in 1893. The house, also known as La Riviera, sits on the New River in Radford, Virginia. The cook house is separate from the main building and serves as a storage area now. To the right of this scene is the original cooking wall of this house, complete with a large (and now boarded in) cooking fireplace. The floor directly in front of the fireplace has partially collapsed. Three pairs of very old women’s shoes were sitting on the fireplace hearth. In the other corner of the small one room building a beautiful (but broken) red velvet or silk chair sat amongst bed springs, a very old book and other assorted stuff.

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