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Week 19 – Fisherman
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Image by Florian F. (Flowtography)
Hi Guys,

at first, I was a little depressed when I heard the weather forecast for this weekend. “On the weekend you better get your thick jacket out again. It will be cold, cloudy and rainy.” And on friday, it sure looked like I would need my coat. My first plan for this weeks picture included a pretty big outdoor setup. But as the forecast was so bad, and the model I had planned for this shooting also had other plans, too, we postponed this shooting for the time being. So at first, I was a little clueless what to do for this week. But when on Saturday morning, the clouds cleared and the sun came out, my buddy Christoph and I decided to head out to a beautiful nearby lake, called “Pond Moonshine” to relax a little in the sun and take a kind of Tom Sawyer themed summer picture.

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Strobist Info:
I just used one almost bare strobe (Yongnuo Speedlite YN560 triggert with cactus V5). Just with small diffusor and a warming gel on top. Standing just like 5 cm left of the cam on the jetty.

Jobs from Indeed

Binghamton New York ~ Brome County Courthouse ~ Historic Building
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Image by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Broome County Courthouse is a historic courthouse located at Binghamton in Broome County, New York. It is a massive 2 1⁄2-story structure, built on a raised foundation, in the form of a Latin Cross and topped with an elegant copper dome. Originally constructed in 1897-1898 in a "T" shape, the south wing was added in 1916-1917 to form the cross. It was designed by noted New York State architect Isaac G. Perry. The courthouse is located within the boundaries of the Court Street Historic District.

Verdun a place of horror
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Image by Jacob Surland
Verdun in France is a place of horror. Few places on Earth has a more terrifying story. The small village has been the center of war many times, and has been destroyed and rebuild no less than 10 times since 450 AD, due to it’s strategic location. During World War 1 the Earth drank the blod of more than 1 million people over a short period of 10 months. Truly a place of horror. This is the photo is from the battlefield. It’s the largest canon of Fort Douaumont you see on the top of the hill. It’s surround by miles and miles of trenches. Photo by: Jacob Surland,