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Normal news can be made more interesting without changing its meaning and sometimes we do not find that something is interesting. But if the news is seen in the paper or if we watch in TV it seems to us that it is really very interesting. On other hand, we sometimes see that some of the channels are named as entertainments news channels and thus it spontaneously deliver the entertainment news all through the day. This entertainment news is about actor, actress, players, politicians etc. they are public figures. We get sensational news about them. Today the media houses have put emphasis on making sensational news to grab the attention of people. People like to get sensational news about these public figures. The journalists always try to convert simple news interesting by adding some special effects so that it can attract more readers. This is mainly because the popularity and maintaining business plans is to retain the paper in the competitive market.

All the papers want to deliver the news by the wrap of entertainment for the future of the paper. This is the reason that all the papers are more or less entertaining. Radio is also a very interesting media for getting entertainment news. It can be said as the only popular medium for entertainments news. It is mainly used to make the normal news interesting and sometimes there is also a particular time for entertaining news when only some of the interesting news will be telecast to the listeners. It is a very common and valuable entertainments news medium that has lowest power of consumption with zero cost.

The other media for entertainments news is TV. Some of the popular channels are engaged in telecasting news by making it interesting. It can be said as the most popular medium that prefers all the people of the world. It always delivers old and new news and side by side entertaining news as well. There are some news which are very much interesting to people. These news are about film artist, the famous persons etc.

These people’s food habits, their activities etc all these are entertainments news which are really very interesting to all of us. Internet is another medium through which we get entertainment news. We get news in compact form through the internet. It is the best medium to get news at any time. As time passes by, people try to get more and more news about the public figures and their activities and family life.

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