full automatic PVC pipe machine PVC pipe production line pvc pipe making machine

full automatic PVC pipe machine PVC pipe production line pvc pipe making machine
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  1. Our machine exported to all over the world:
Italy,UK,Poland,USA,Russia,Spain,Turkey,Ukraine,Seychelles, Australia,Canada,Brazil,India, Lebanon,Kenya,Greece,UAE,Czech Republic,Vietnam,Pakistan, Portugal,Iran, Africa ... if you are interested in it and want to get more professional inforrmation,please contact me. 2.Application of pvc pipes made from pvc pipe machine: PVC PIPES are applied to agricultural and construction water supply and drainage, overhead or underground wire and cable Due to the special characteristics of the CPVC plastic pipes, they are widely used in the fields of crude oil transportation, pipe lines of chemical industry which require high temperature and corrosion resistance, hot and lukewarm water supply and drainage system, directly buried pipes of high and extra high voltage electricity, protection sleeves of wires and cables, etc.
  1. Machine parts for the pvc pipe machine are all in good quality: This production line consists of conical (parallel) double-screw extruder, vacuum sizing platform, tractor, cutting machine, stacker, etc.
4, the electricity parts for the pvc pipe machine are all the best: The conical double-screw extruder and tractor adopts AC frequency control or British Euro DC speed regulator. Vacuum pump and tractor adopts high-quality products.
  1. the die of the PVC pipe machine is made with good quality special mold material, you can change size sleeving to make different diameter for the pvc pipes:
  2. the cooling tank is 6 meters length, the size of cooling tank will be designed differently accoriding to the pipe size.

  3. The hauling off device for the pvc pipe machine are designed in good constructure: Tractors can be divided into up and down pedrail, three-claw, four-claw, six-claw, etc. in terms of thickness and diameter of the pipe.

  4. 6, the cutter for the pvc pipe machine is designed for different diameter : The cutter has two modes of cutting such as blade and planet type. Additionally, metering device is equipped. The property of the production line is reliable and the output is high.

  5. we have good experience in the complete pvc pipe machine, and we have the PVC pipe machine in our factory stock n ow: In accordance with different requirements of the clients, the company will equip the extrusion line with specific devices to form pipe production lines of inner-wall spiral pipes, inner hollow wall pipes and inner layer foaming pipes. Video Rating: / 5

The machine adopts numerical control with 2~7 control shafts according to different requirement to meet working various machine models .we also can renew software and hardware according to user´s need. Each type can realize linkage of control shafts and has functions of cutting different intersecting line, intersecting pore, groove of fixed-angle and groove of fixed-point.The structure of machine is advanced designed. It has interactive function: the Chinese character interface and graph combines with data. It is easy to operate and works well for ling time. The software designs reasonable cutting inlet and outlet to assure the cutting quality. After cutting, the parameters can be saved as a processing file to attain data base. Video Rating: / 5

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