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SP-L7-03 Assigning Risk Levels to Our Construction Schedule Tasks.avi

In Vico Office Schedule Planner, we can evaluate project risk according to five aspects of potential task delays: starting risk, duration risk, resource mobilization risk, resource come back delay, and production factor risks. Working with the Superintendent and Subs, we can assign a value of high, medium, or low risk to each of our tasks.

As we’ll see in the next video, this preliminary set-up helps the project team weight the probabilities of weather delays, work stoppages, material shortages, etc. with a Monte Carlo risk analysis.

Learn more about advanced optimization techniques for your construction schedule at https://www.vicosoftware.com/products/schedule-planner/level-7-schedule-planner-tutorials/tabid/294886/Default.aspx?source=youtube
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KSA Energy Services was hired by Enduring Resources, Inc. to survey, design and construct a natural gas gathering system near Big Lake, Texas. The project included the design of three compressor stations, a meter station, and more than 16 miles of 8-inch steel, 4-inch steel, and 10 & 12 inch polyethylene pipe. The purpose of the project was to collect gas from five existing tank batteries where it is compressed and transported down line to a central sale point. The system has an initial capacity of about 65 MMscfd with the flexibility of adding compressors, raising the MAOP, and increasing the capacity to almost 80 MMscfd. The system was designed with this flexibility so it can be scaled up or down as demand changes, delivering the best cost to benefit ratio for the owner.
KSA Energy Services was given a tight schedule to meet the gas flow deadline – 65 calendar days from a standing start to flowing gas.
KSA Energy Services provided all services for this project. These services included project management, preliminary and as-built surveying services, route design, tract plat and alignment sheet development, hydraulic design, compressor station layout and design, drafting services, materials procurement, construction, construction management and inspection.

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