What Does “Leftover Chinese Women” Mean

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Most people who choose to date Chinese females are generally well aware of the fact that as per the ancient social norms the ideal marriageable age for these women is early twenties. However, they might know that Chinese women who cross this age without finding a suitable marriage partner are referred to by the derogatory term of leftover women, within their own society. What is even worse is that the Chinese government seems to have validated this term as it has warned women that they might never get married unless they choose a life mate before crossing the age of 30.

In a nationwide survey conducted by several government agencies across 31 provinces, it has been observed that the Chinese official media not only endorses the term openly but also propagates it freely. In fact, Chinese women above the age of 24 are broadly categorized into three categories of leftover types.

The first category includes women in the age group of 25-27 and is called “leftover fighters” as they still can hope to find a suitable match although they might need to struggle a bit for the same. The second category named as “the ones who must triumph” includes women aged between 28 and 30 years. These women have an extremely limited scope for finding a perfect life partner especially because they are considered to be too obsessed with their careers.

The third and the final category of leftover Chinese women include females above the age of 35 years. They are referred to as the “master class of leftover women”, who despite possessing the various luxuries of life have little chance of finding a partner to share them with.
What makes the situation more ironic for these women is the great imbalance in China’s sex ratio and the single child policy of the government. With most men wanting to get married to a female who is in the best child bearing age, there is a decline in the willingness of men to take on older wives.

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