March for Science 2

March for Science

95 ViewsA few nice science images I found: March for Science Image by mollyktadams Washington D.C. April 2017 Spacetime curvature Image by Center for Image in Science and Art _ UL Author: n/a Date: 2005 Description: Two-dimensional analogy of space–time distortion. Matter changes the geometry of spacetime, this (curved) geometry being interpreted as gravity. White […]

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Estimating the Cost of Cyber Crime and Cyber Espionage 6

Estimating the Cost of Cyber Crime and Cyber Espionage

185 ViewsSome cool cyber crime images: Estimating the Cost of Cyber Crime and Cyber Espionage Image by CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies… Are cyber crime, cyber espionage, and other malicious cyber activities what some call the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, or are they what others say is a rounding […]

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F Stop 7

F Stop

38 ViewsCheck out these World Market images: F Stop Image by Christopher Chan The F Market & Wharves line is one of several light rail lines in San Francisco. The F line is operated as a heritage railway using exclusively historical equipment both from San Francisco’s retired fleet as well as from cities around the […]

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Common Man's Modern Anthropology 8

Common Man’s Modern Anthropology

44 ViewsCommon Man’s Modern Anthropology Humorous and satisfying work from a 16 year oldPerfect partner for any whomFrom theories and modern world as perceived to suggestions and individuals’ success”But remember worthwhile leaders who work sincerely and earnestly for the body are the reasons why they should take post and wherefore an ideal society is formed.” […]

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