Nice Nation News photos 4

Nice Nation News photos

72 ViewsCheck out these Nation news images: NASA’s Sample Return Robot Challenge (NASA, Centennial Challenges, 06/11/14) Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center The Oregon State University Mars Rover Team’s robot is seen during level one competition at the 2014 NASA Centennial Challenges Sample Return Robot Challenge, Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at the Worcester Polytechnic […]

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Cool Language Disorder images 6

Cool Language Disorder images

98 ViewsA few nice language disorder images I found: shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate Image by quapan The shiny star leaf being stranded fringed weirdly in a moongate gravitating sun-side down earth↓wards exhibiting her flashed, chthonotrope, fawnbeige moon-side, fringed by rippling rickrack purlieus; subfusc harbinger of the non-trivial Hecate-Day, the Blue June […]

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Nice 419 photos 7

Nice 419 photos

134 ViewsCheck out these 419 images: If only … Image by jinterwas From the archives ;-). As usual … way better on black. Press L to check it out! Thanks to Mike Hardisty for the wonderful texture. Font: cinnamon cake If you use this image, please give credit & link back to this page. Thanks […]

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sabitri tik tok video, odia celebrity 8

sabitri tik tok video, odia celebrity

91 Views savitri #odia_celebrity #tiktok For more details visit my website – Please subscribe This channel is all about the odia celebrities, their life style, their real life family. please visit this channel for know more about them. music source – Like facebook page : follow on twitter : google plus- email […]

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