Aviation – You Were My Everything Lyrics


Lyrics to You Were My Everything by Aviation.

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Season 2, Episode 9

Not quite my usual subject material, but I thought this historic election deserved some air time. Keep your cool everyone. The news isn’t all bad.

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– William Stell
– Spencer Maze
– Paul Bergman
– Vamsee
– Kieth Robinson
– Vlad Railian
– Jonathan Ruxton
– Luca Muller
– Dan R.
– Shaun Kruger
– Jack Hill
– Henrik Hodne
– Jacob
– Stumbling Through Business
– Gary Veduccio
– Tobias Hoffmann
– James Waxmonsky
– Eric Pinheiro
– Kel
– Luis Ochoa
– Tucker Tomek
– Arturo Leon
– Fabian Peter Hammerle
– John Tucker
– Christopher Weldon
– Texas Gooney Bird
– Anonymous
– James Bond
– Frank Durham
– Utku Apaydin
– Edward Iangebek
– Yasin Khan
– Randy Cabrera
– Torsten Brasch
– Eric Sharp

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Video Rating: / 5

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