AZ OSD – Example 1 (Design On Site Detention for available “Town” data)


A very comprehensive yet easy to use tool, AZ OSD will assist you to design your On Site Detention effortlessly and timely.

This is example to design On Site Detention using AZ OSD.

Problem :

A multi-purpose hall is to be developed within a site area. The project area is 0.6ha. 75% of it shall be occupied by building access road and pavement (Impervious area) while 25% by garden and turfed areas (Pervious area). The catchment area of the project where it connects to the main drain is 0.61ha and has a terrain slope of about 1:2000 (Mild). It is more economical to construct an OSD tank than to upgrade the existing drainage system for this new development. Calculate the Permissible Site Discharge (PSD), Site Storage Requirement (SSR) and the inlet and outlet pipe sizes.
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