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If you ask any previous beauty pageant winner, they’ll tell you the beauty pageant questions round is where the competition is won and lost. This round is often the clincher, and there is no other round that installs so much fear and anxiety into contestants. Read on if you’re looking to find out how to get through this round in flying colors.

So why is the beauty pageant question section so highly regarded by the judges? Well, this is the only part of the contest where you get to make a personal connection with the judges, and show off your inner beauty. This round is included in the contest purely to test the contestants’ character and moral beliefs. If you can make an impression in this round, you have every chance of winning.

One important tip I can give you, is to think before you speak. Sounds obvious, but so many contestants in the past have rushed answering, and the words come out completely jumbled up and it sounds terrible. You want to speak clearly and confidently to the judges, as this scores high, so make sure you know what you’re going to say, before you say it.

The simplest method to gaining confidence on stage, is to practise lots of beauty pageant questions. The more you practise, the more prepared you’ll be for anything the judges throw at you. You don’t want to end up standing in front of everyone on stage being a stuttering nervous wreck. Make sure you spend time going over all different types of questions you’re likely to get asked.

So what types of beauty pageant questions are the judges likely to answer? Well they can range from being quite simple, general questions, to much deeper, more theoretical questions. General questions tend to be about yourself, and what you do with your free time. You should get this spot on, as no one knows you better than you!

Some of the other questions you’re likely to be asked will require outward thinking, and there is not always a right or wrong answer. For instance, the judges can ask deep, philosophical questions, such as what you’re views are on abortion, capital punishment and same sex marriage. It’s important you establish views in these subjects, and answer honestly.

You want to make the beauty pageant questions round seem completely natural, so therefore, always pause before answering. This shows the judges that you are taking your time to formulate an answer, and makes it look unrehearsed and completely natural.

Like most things in life, the vital component to getting through this round, is confidence. Confidence will come through extensive practise, so make sure you take time to go over many sample pageant interview questions. Try practising in front of your friends of family too, so you know what to expect when performing in front of an audience.

What decision you take is now down to you. If you’re serious about winning your next beauty pageant, and taking home that crown, then I urge you to check out those links. The pageant interview round will make or break your chances. Find out how to answer beauty pageant questions exactly how the judges want and don’t delay.

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