Bizarre Happenings at Wellington Manor

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Bizarre Happenings at Wellington Manor

THE NYMPHOMANIACAL MOTHER MADE HIM A WILLING SEX-SLAVE! Behind the solid stone walls of an English castle live three beautiful women-the youthful Duchess of Wellington and her two daughters-whose outward manners are beyond reproach, but whose secret lives, consumed by bizarre, festering sensual desires, infect all who enter its halls. Into this aphrodisiac atmosphere of rampant, yet unfulfilled lust, strides Peter Walker, sixteen, a cousin from America. Good-looking, “big” for his age, he has been bounced from several Stateside schools for having plowed through entire populations of appreciatively moaning, eagerly naked co-eds, and banished by his guardian aunt, the Duchess’ sister, to Wellington Manor where, she trusts, legendary British frigidity will cool his supercharged sexuality. Instead-almost from the moment of his arrival, and during a month-long orgy of incredibly inventive carnal calisthenics-the happily astonished but ever-ready Peter is collectively fondled, grabbed, groped, and clutched by a succession of sexually ravenous young girls who, together with their mothers, have been invited by the Duchess to put Peter’s reputation to the test. How he fares, and with whom, and in what mutually gratifying combination, makes up the substance of this extraordinary and graphically detailed novel.

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