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Hotels in Abuja We all know Abuja is capital of Nigeria but let’s talk about how to book a hotel in Abuja. You start your journey by planning a trip to Abuja and start saving money by getting a cheap flight to Abuja and then finally land in Abuja. Being a visitor you need to stay at some place so it’s important for us to know the prices of different hotels in Abuja. Several major hotels are present, and there are numerous smaller ones of varying quality. Information about hotels, other accommodation and other services can be found on several local web sites, of which Abuja City. We have gathered some information about the hotels and their approximate pricing range in Abuja. Transcorp Hilton Hotel ($ 442-$ 829) Hotel De Bently ($ 170) Hawthorn Suites of Wyndham Abuja ($ 195-$ 240) Bolingo Hotels and Towers ($ 150-$ 300) Nicon Luxury Abuja ($ 350-$ 3,117) Portea Hotel Asokoro ($ 179-$ 341) Arcade Club Suites ($ 80-$ 450) PR Abuja ($ 319-$ 435) Angels Hotel Abuja ($ 43-$ 156) Abuja Sheraton Hotel ($ 268-$ 377) Rayfield Hotels Abuja Portea Hotel Abuja Reiz Continental Hotel Crystal Palace Hotel Rockview Hotel Royale Being in Abuja, we also want to know about the traffic conditions of the city. Traffic is chaotic and crowded in certain parts of the city, particularly near the central mosque during Friday prayers during which time it would be a good idea to avoid a trip to the city if you are not intending to take part in the prayers yourself. However, mostly traffic flow is ok, and it does not take long to get around the city. The main roads are good, but many of the smaller roads in the city are badly potholed. Driving in Abuja requires vigilance at all times. There are many small motorbikes (okadas) which operate an informal transport system within the city and to and from the satellite towns. Most of these drivers have not taken a driving test and show scant regard for the road rules. Expect them to go through a red light, and to pass on the inside of vehicles. Foreign visitors need a visa to visit Abuja. To book cheap flights to Abuja, please visit or call 0207 096 0658. By: Sean Giles

Rana Farhan Ali B/O rana furqan ali
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