Cardiac Cycle – Systole & Diastole

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Cardiac Cycle: Phases & Heart Sounds
Cardiac Cycle – Systole and Diastole
Phases of Cardiac Cycle
Atrial contraction (First Phase)
What is “a“ wave
Isovolumetric contraction (Second Phase)
Isovolumetric contraction:
Rapid ventricular ejection (Third Phase)
Slow ventricular ejection (Fourth Phase)
Isovolumetric relaxation (Fifth Phase)
Rapid passive ventricular filling (Sixth Phase)
Slow passive ventricular filling (Seventh Phase)
Definition of Heart sounds (S1, S2, S3, S4)
S1 heart sound
S2 heart sound
S3 heart sound
S4 heart sound
Graphical representation of cardiac cycle
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