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CNBC is a leading Indian news business channel owned by TV 18 NBCUniversal. Launched in January 1999, CNBC has quickly catapulted to a position of leadership as far as business news channels in India are concerned. Recently, CNBC India was re-christened as CNBC-TV18. It was the first 24-hour business news channel launched in India and is still regarded as a leader in the genre. The Managing Editor is Udayan Mukherjee who has been credited with playing a big role in the channel’s growth story. The channel’s initiative in terms of programming and content has seen it win the ‘Best Business News Channel’ awards at many major recognized industry events. That beside other accolades across national and international platforms. These include the coveted Indian Telly Awards, Indian Television Academy Awards, and News Television Awards.


Further, the very fact that the channel is available on the internet to audience on a site like iStream. has itself ensured that the channel continues to receive all the viewership that it could possibly require in sustaining itself. CNBC live streaming on iStream website consistently provides top quality video content. Alongside the quality of video content, streaming is free of charge and can be viewed multiple times from any part of the world.

The programmes on CNBC-TV 18 ranges from corporate news, financial markets coverage, expert perspective on investing and management to various news reports on industry verticals. CNBC-TV18 is known for its constant experimentation with new genres of programming that helps its audience gain a perspective on the various businesses and business houses in India. The channel’s viewership consists of a diverse audience that includes business leaders, professionals, retail investors, brokers and traders, self-employed professionals, students and even home makers who follow the world of business and investment. India’s most ingenious business audience follow CNBC-TV18 for their information and investing needs.

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The channel has been a vital part of the Indian economic story, stretching and mirroring economic conditions across the world. In addition to the regular economic news on a daily basis, the channel airs speciality programs such asMarket and Macros, After the Bell, Bazaar Corporate Radar and others. CNBC live news along with other programmes can be watched on iStream at one’s convenience and staying in touch with all the latest happenings in the world of business and investment. With the programmes that have been tailor-made bearing in mind the specific requirements of a varied audience, CNBC-TV 18 on iStream makes keeping track of the events and happenings in a dynamic environment absolutely easy.

Rithika Sharma is a freelance writer specializes in writing about entertainment field related to television shows like bigg boss show and other news related stuffs. Watch CNBC live streaming on iStream and keep yourself updated on the go.

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