Comparing What Is to What Could Be: Managing Your Energy Use

Project Management

Delve into a variety of topics that together will plot a course to more effective energy management.

Learn to:
1. Appreciate the difference between “what IS” and “what COULD BE” in the context of your building’s energy performance.
2. Consider the range of “behavioral,” “low/no-cost,” and “capital intensive” approaches available to building owners and managers.
3. Learn best practices for identifying audit approaches and professionals.
4. Know how to measure what you hope to manage, how to set targets, and how to document your progress toward those targets.
5. Explore ways to build internal support for projects.

1. Comparing “what is” to “what could be”
2. Identifying ALL of your opportunities (in the right order!)
3. Planning your moves thoughtfully
4. Performance contracting
5. Capturing management attention and engaging support for your initiatives

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