Continuous non-invasive Blood Pressure Measurement without cuff – SOMNOtouch NIBP

Assorted Instrumentation

The SOMNOtouch NIBP records systolic and diastolic Long-Term Blood Pressure – continuously, non-invasive and without disturbing cuff. The patented method is based on the Pulse Transit Time and is repeatedly clinically validated – including the International Protocol of the Euroean Society of Hypertension.

Besides the continuous Long Term Blood Pressure, the SOMNOtouch NIBP records simultaneously a Holter ECG, Actigraphy, Oximetry and the Pulse Wave Velocity as a measure for arterial stiffness.
Providing 5 measurements in One, the SOMNOtouch NIBP is the Allrounder for Cardiologists.

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Matlab Project :Continuous blood pressure measurement system by face recognition technique

Heart rate and blood pressure are measured continuously using webcam. Green trace in RGB code is extracted from specific regions on the face. Data is further filtered to remove basline and ripples by matlab to get the waveform in time domain. Fourier transform can be used to get the frequency as well as the heart rate. Blood pressure is measured by using Pulse Transit Time. If you have any question, please comment. Have fun~
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