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Toronto Ontario ~ Canada ~ CNE Press Building ~ 1905 ~ Canadian National Exhibition Heritage Building
        Energy Initiatives
Image by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
The administrative building for the CNE, constructed in 1905, was retrofit with a geothermal system

Conducted a retrofit on this designated heritage building, to change it from a fossil fuel-dependent facility to a renewable energy-based heating and cooling system
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and promoted sustainable design initiatives
Located near Lake Shore Boulevard in Toronto, the Press Building is a two storey heritage designated building that provides office space to 40 CNE employees who carry out administrative duties.

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One Tree Plain
        Energy Initiatives
Image by Geoff Livingston
This beautiful tree was in the midst of the bush in the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project area standing all by itself. We literally spent about an hour walking around the tree and photographing it.

Believe it or not trees are as precious in the project area as the wildlife. Rangers seek to stop people from slash and burn farming and others from simply cutting down the trees for charcoal. Instead citizens are offered new alternatives, including new job opportunities, education, and alternative methods of creating charcoal. Audi supports the Wildlife Works initiative to protect the environment as part of its A3 e-tron carbon offset program.

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