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Articles are heralded as one of the most powerful medium of communication since the ancient times. With the help of articles, you can put across your views to a larger audience in a quick time. Many great ideas that form the very fabric of our society, started out as a humble article.

What is an online article directory?
An online article directory is a website where you can submit your articles on any topic-be it science articles, health and fitness articles or any other. These article directories usually categorize the content based on their subject. They get thousands of visitors every month who are keen to read informative articles on a variety of subjects. Since they have a wider audience base than a blogging website, they serve as a more effective medium for getting through to your target audience.

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What is WeArticles?
WeArticles is a popular article submission site, which publishes original and unique content over the Internet. They accept articles from users who are capable of producing original articles, which conforms to their high standards, and publish them on their site. They accept articles on a broad spectrum of subjects; even niche ones like psychology articles, science news articles, global warming articles and many more. With thousands of unique visitors every month, they make it easy to reach your target readership and create a larger impact with your science-related articles.

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How does it help?
Well, it helps you in two ways

1. It helps you get the desired publicity by letting your article reach the right readers on the web.

2. It helps you generate huge amounts of organic traffic to your original website. You can put up links in your article, which guides readers to your website or blog. In addition, sites like these, which get huge visitors, are considered authority sites by leading search engines. As a result, a link from such sites will help to boost your rankings across popular search engines.

However, publishing an article in such renowned websites is not easy! Your content should be original and unique and must conform to their submission guidelines. They have an expert editorial team who help you write unique as well as attractive content.

If you are interested in writing science articles for kids and other science related articles or any other articles on any topic, article submission sites such as WeArticles will add wings to your creativity!

Rebecca Morelle looks back on the year in science – from a British astronaut blasting off into space, to efforts to halt global warming here on Earth. That’s Review 2015: The Year in Science.

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