Creative Kids Zone, Grade PK

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Creative Kids Zone, Grade PK

Creative Kids Zone is the optimal workbook for every 21st century learner. It combines solid, standards-based math, language arts, and science content with fun stories, crafts, and games. Children can flip between the five color-coded zones-Craft, Math, Story, Science, and Game-to discover a wealth of creative activities that present important content while keeping boredom at bay! Each zone features different activity formats to reinforce essential skills: Craft Zone-develops fine motor skills and enhances the creativity and collaboration a 21st century learner must possess Math Zone-features grade-specific math activities that equip children with the math skills needed for school readiness Story Zone-includes three, six-page removable storybooks children can cut out, read, and share while developing early reading and writing skills Science Zone-includes fun, hands-on experiments and activities that relate to subject content Game Zone-reinforces critical thinking and logic skills while supporting the lessons taught in the other zones Each grade-specific Creative Kids Zone workbook features 256 pages of standards-based content combined in a dynamic format with bright illustrations, a colorful character poster, and an additional Answer Zone to help students achieve subject mastery. This winning combination easily provides the fun and engagement that children love with the educationally sound content that parents desire.

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