Crime & Punishment Collection 1

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Crime & Punishment Collection 1

Over 6 Months as an Amazon TOP 100 Erotica Best Seller! Five sizzling, hot stories in one collection! “TAKEN” – If Alicia doesn’t want to go to jail for stealing, she will have to let the store’s owner mete out the punishment she deserves. “CONTROLLED” – Valerie was always cold and distant at work but after Mark uses his mind control program on her she will be forced to obey his every command. “GETTING OFF” – When Jessica’s boss finds her at the beach, she will lose her job unless she surrenders herself to his every desire. “YES, PROFESSOR” – When Veronica is caught cheating she will be expelled unless she proves to Professor Ross that she can learn obedience. “DIRTY POOL” – When Melissa loses at pool without enough money to cover her bet Jake has her pay the debt by submitting to his erotic demands. For Adults Only: These stories are loaded with hot erotic sexual situations including oral sex, light bdsm, spanking and more! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18.

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