Edinburgh – Victoria Street

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Edinburgh – Victoria Street
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Image by Today is a good day
I love Edinburgh!

And this is the best shot I’ve ever taken of Victoria Street in that wonderful city – early on Sunday morning, hanging over the railings on the street’s upper terrace!!

Definitely worth looking at this a bit wider

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Victoria Street leads from the Grassmarket, below the castle up towards the Royal Mile. I have a zillion photos, but thought that I’d start with this one.

If you rotate your head 30 degrees clockwise you’ll see that the effect is a trick of the eye. It’s a wide angle lens, yes, but the amazing and graceful curve of the street as it drops down the steep hill gives an odd perspective – especially since the upper terrace is on the level – only one story above the ground at the far end to three or four at end I was at.

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I hope you like it

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Image by Michael Lusk…
This quirky image is of a table top where I did some spray painting of different items over the years…what I was seeing on the left side was what looked very much like a reflection in a window which had been sprayed for privacy and the dyptich look gave it some complexity…that’s my story and I’m stick’n to it…;~}

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