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A few nice electronic waste recycling images I found:

electronic waste recycling
Image by [DvD] – Cool way to tell you that wasting electrical and electronic stuff will become a nightmare if you don’t recycle

Guiyu e-waste
electronic waste recycling
Image by Bert van Dijk
Guiyu is one of the biggest e-waste centers of the world. More than a million ton of e-waste is dismantled in this Chinese village every year. Women, children and man work under terrible conditions to extract all the precious metals from circuit boards, computers, ic’s and other electronics.

They often burn the plastics, circuit boards and ic’s in open air without protection in order to extract the melted copper or tin. Despite the ratification of the Basel-agreement, a lot of international branded gadgets end up illegally in Guiyu.

This man assembles plastic waste form waste-dumps to try to resell it.


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