Flapjack octopus – bottom of tank. P4181314

Some cool vibration sensor images:

Flapjack octopus - bottom of tank. P4181314 vibration sensor
Image by wbaiv I'd have said "sunny side up" but flat is the point. Where else but Monterey Bay Aquarium will they find something from a mile or more down, have a tank setup that can house it and put a pair on exhibit, then swap out those individuals for something else as unexpected a few months later. They look red because the tank has red walls- the deep sea contains very little red light and they're not sensitive to it, the way they are to green or blue. On the Behind-the-scenes tour they mentioned that the trick to keeping these deep-sea animals happy and healthy isn't darkness, the red takes care of that. It's refrigeration. Cold down there, and unlike most fishtank deals, the problem here is keeping it cold enough. This and most of these aquarium photos was shot with my OM-1's 50mm F/1.2, mounted in the EP-2. A very fast lens. Manual focus and aperture operation, automatic exposure via iso and 'shutter' speed by the camera body. The EP-2 manual says it has image stabilization / vibration reduction features in the body, but whether this means they move the sensor on a pixel scale to track the image or mathematically combine multiple, shorter captures that they translate up-down/left-right before overlaying, I don't know. VERY high technology in a modern camera. I shoot a LOT of images when I have the chance, some are pretty bad, some are delightfully good. It makes me happy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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