Nice Vibration Sensor photos

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Some cool vibration sensor images:

Octopus, dramatic light, suckers and tentacles, the eye looking us over… P4181450
vibration sensor
Image by wbaiv
You want alien life? Got it right here. Bright red. Radial symmetry. Last common ancestor with us probably before the Cambrian… Smart, can reason and observe.

This and most of these aquarium photos was shot with my OM-1’s 50mm F/1.2, mounted in the EP-2. A very fast lens. Manual focus and aperture operation, automatic exposure via iso and ‘shutter’ speed by the camera body. The EP-2 manual says it has image stabilization / vibration reduction features in the body, but whether this means they move the sensor on a pixel scale to track the image or mathematically combine multiple, shorter captures that they translate up-down/left-right before overlaying, I don’t know. VERY high technology in a modern camera.
I shoot a LOT of images when I have the chance, some are pretty bad, some are delightfully good. It makes me happy.


vibration sensor
Image by NASA Flight Opportunities
SL9 Launch: October 23, 2014
Platform: SpaceLoft
Location: Spaceport America, New Mexico
Photographer: UP Aerospace & Ricard González-Cinca

Technologies tested during this October 23, 2014 flight test:

T0021-S Application Of Controlled Vibrations To Multiphase Systems For Space Applications
PI: Ricard González-Cinca, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Richard Tyson (Co-I), University of Alabama

T0077-S Facility for Microgravity Research and Submicroradian Stabilization using sRLVs
PI: Scott Green, Controlled Dynamics Inc

T0080-S Advanced Micro Sun Sensor
PI: Sohrab Mobasser, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

T0088-S An FPGA-based, Radiation Tolerant, Reconfigurable Computer System with Real Time Fault Detection, Avoidance, and Repair
PI: Brock LaMeres, Montana State University, Bozeman

NASA image use policy.
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