LEGO Education Launches An Innovative Teacher’s Program

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Anna Powers

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Redefining science

The opening of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part this weekend has all brought back to our childhood when many of us as children used to enjoy the colorful LEGO bricks. In bringing our creative visions to reality, LEGO played an integral part of many childhoods by teaching children the art of play in learning. For many children, LEGO has been a symbol of fun and play, because it allowed a colorful way to build, learn and most importantly, have fun! Through the simple, yet power system of bricks, LEGO has helped many of us tap into our curiosity and creativity while learning.  As a matter of fact, researchers have found that some principles learned while playing LEGO, such ability to build from scratch, has encouraged a type of thinking that leads to creativity in adults. As I’ve written in the past, I believe that creativity is the skill for the future. Creativity is also often seen as something of a holy grail in star-up circles as well as business ones, as the world moves toward solutions that are highly innovative. And, as Albert Einstein famously said “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” So, what if we could develop creativity and curiosity in childhood?

As education is the key to the future, because 
helping more students see fun in learning is the key to a  more prosperous and innovative society. 
It seems that LEGO Education has tried to foster innovation by offering a variety of products that combine LEGO blocks together with various software packages that allow children to use LEGOs while also learning skills such as coding. These products are available for all grade levels and are standardized to the school curriculum. While anyone can purchase the package, they are meant for an in classroom study. Packages such as 
 allow children to learn fundamentals of computer programing by visualizing what a loop is with LEGO bricks, which is a fun and innovative way to learn. Although resources may be available to students, teachers are often the ones who introduce students to exciting products or ideas that can help them learn.  A 
 put out by U.S. Department of Education has laid the need as well its vision to have more interdisciplinary approaches to learning as well as more innovative measures of learning by 2026. A new program introduced by LEGO Education gives an opportunity to teachers to bring more interdisciplinary resources in the classroom through its
Master Educator program
. The program started last year to bring together a network of like-minded educators who teach with LEGO Education solutions and who want to advance hands-on learning with a specific interest in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). This program allows teachers to go through workshops and then brings their knowledge to the classroom. The hope is that it will foster more creativity.

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