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Construction Management 101: What Is Construction Management?

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Construction Management 101. Today we go over the basics of construction management: what it is, what a construction management degree looks like, types of jobs you can get, and how to be a great construction manager.

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According to the CMAA website, construction management is a professional service that provides a project’s owner with effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope and function. So, in a nutshell, the owner of a construction project wants to build something, but needs someone outside of their company to manage the project properly.

A construction management degree typically has pretty applicable coursework to the construction industry. Which makes sense. You’ll have your general requirements, of course, but you’ll also have classes like construction methods, estimating, surveying, scheduling, planning, business and likely a capstone project.

Once you get your construction management degree, you can likely go in one of two directions: dealing with the build of the job (project management) or actual construction management. The difference between the two is that project management is more hands on, you need to know the finest details of the job. The buck stops with you. As a construction manager, you need to know the project, but you wont be as intimately into the details as the contractor. You’ll also have more opportunities to broaden your horizons by understanding the contractor, owner and design side more than you would as just a contractor. So you see more of what the industry has to offer.

The construction managers I have enjoyed working with have been firm, fair and consistent. They have the field background and expertise in the state you are working and understand what you are going through as a contractor and will call you out if you are out of line. They also are empowered to make decisions and make sound decisions for the project on behalf of the owner.

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0:33 What is Construction Management?
1:10 Construction Management Degree
2:10 Construction Management Career
4:44 How To Be An Awesome Construction Manager

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In this lecture Tom Stephenson discusses the role of project management in construction. He reviews and outlines the key elements of a project and how they need to integrate and iterate to lead to systems and processes that are required to be able to reliably obtain project success.
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