Electrical Series: How To Test A Relay – 1080p HD

Anthony @ DIYautotech showing you both methods on how to test a relay. There is the easy click test, and the multimeter test which provides information on if power is getting through from pin 30 to pin 87.
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Synchronous Motor from 35mm projector

Synchronous Motor from 35mm projector

A look at how Synchronous motors work

Large 450 horsepower synchronous motor starting.

Computer cooling

Computer cooling

Computer cooling is required to remove the waste heat produced by computer components, to keep components within permissible operating temperature limits.
Components that are susceptible to temporary malfunction or permanent failure if overheated include integrated circuits such as CPUs, chipset, graphics cards, and hard disk drives.

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Important Points to Find Reliable L&T Dealers in Delhi

There are so many L&T Dealers in Delhi for electrical switchgear. But finding the right one is a difficult job. The way of selling the products that was considered not possible before few years have become reality in current. Everyone is now searching online for purchasing the electrical switchgear. Most of L&T Dealer in Delhi make big claims about offering the quality, product line and many more. Therefore everyone must cautiously separate a reliable L&T Dealer from the others in Delhi.

Important points for finding a reliable L&T Dealer

When choosing the reliable L&T Dealer, consider the following points:

Prices: The first thing, we take in consideration are prices for recognizing a reliable L&T dealer. Compare the prices of products between two dealers. Do not compromise with the quality for economical products.

Product Line-up: Do the evaluation of products line up of L&T dealers to make sure whether they are offering whole range of L&T Switchgear. Go for the dealer who has the whole product range of the switchgear.

Store: Reliable Dealers retain a good quantity of products. So that they can quickly fulfill the need of their clients.

Delivery: Delivery time also play an important role .Enquire about their detailed delivery specifications. Check about the shipping limitations like they deliver products in your area or not. Also compare the price limit for free carriage.

Customer service: Compare their customer service whether they are answering your queries quickly and adequately. Because a reliable dealer always prefer to the customer satisfaction.

Payment method: Inquire about their payment method i.e. how they are taking payments like cheque or cash or other method. Are they giving the proper receipt of payments etc.

In short, finding an L&T Dealer in Delhi is not a big deal today. You just have to find the reliable electrical switchgear dealer with economical price.

The writer is an authorized L&T Dealer in Delhi. He supplies the various Electrical switchgear.