Water Tower Pump (p) 4

Water Tower Pump (p)


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Water Tower Pump (p)
Cable Trays
Image by davidseibold
Sunrise Power Plant, Fellows, California 2003

Metal on Pink
Cable Trays
Image by Theen …
One from the archives … metal stuff (cable trays) leaning against the alarmingly pink walls of an electronics store in Hindmarsh. This is out the back where the pink is alleviated and humanised by stuff lying around haphazardly, including even a basketball hoop. Out the front of the shop was all clean and tidy and pink in full force … oh dear …

Taken with iPhone 4S.

Water droplet-2
Cable Trays
Image by Dav1dfv
A little bit of fun with water droplets.
Due to my lack of flash, I had to place a desktop lamp on the one side but the amount of light still wasn’t enough. I had to crank up the ISO to 1600 hence the noisy images. To make do with the noise, I converted 3 out of the 4 in this series to B&W. I love the look of old grainy B&W images.
I have used my new 50mm f1.4 here in a fully manual, 1/2000 and 1/2500 sec and burst mode.
Manual focusing was a must here and getting things sharp was a bit of a challenge, especially with an aperture of f1.4. The DOF is 3.8mm so not a lot of room for error! I ended up, trying to work out where most of the drops were landing, I put a Stanley knife resting on both side of the bowl with its centre lining up with ground zero. Put the camera in live view mode, zoomed in to X 10 and focused the best I could.

The setup was somewhat simple:
·2 x chairs
·1 x water bottle
·1 x broom stick
·1 x bowl filled with water
·1 x tray to (try to) contain the damage
·1 x sheet of white A3 paper (haven’t got a proper reflector…)
·1 x large brown fabric backdrop
·1 x tripod
·1 x cable release
That’s it, give or take a few elastic bands, blue tack and pins 😉

As I tried to elevate the bottle to see the change and produce a more regular supply of drops, my little rig held together with blue tack died on me. The bottle, still attached to the broom stick fell into the bowl, still full with water at that time, splashed water every where! The fabric was slowly soaking up the now large puddle. The camera and I also got our fair shame of water in the process… Luckily only a few drops hit the lens…

All in all, this was good fun. I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement so please leave me your comments as I find them really useful.
Any advice on improving the sharpness, reducing noise, getting better composition, setup, camera settings, background… will be most welcome!!