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There would be no offence if we say that almost every economic industry especially ‘electronic ones’ are now resting on a tinkling time bomb of rivalry that can explode any moment and can result in can turn a company into smoke of bankruptcy. The only way to earn time limits for this bomb is, “staying one step ahead of competitors by brining the new components”. No doubt, that every electronic appliance company is following this principle of staying at front foot. However, not many of us are aware of the contribution made by electronic component distributors in this rivalry. In this article, I would be mentioning few extracts from a talk held between a sales representative of such component distributor company and my production manager.

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Production Manager:
How you want me to believe that electronic component distributors are a must these days?

Sales Representative:
Undeniably, electronic component distributors are a bridge through which manufacturers can meet the demand of clients. Every second minute, the electronic appliance makers are coming up with new electronic gadgets and this becomes possible only because they signed up an agreement with component distributor.

Production manager:
I read a lot about component distributors and their assistance in cost control. What exactly that is?

Sales Representative:
You must have experienced that sometime with a motive to control cost spiraling and to increase the prevailing supply network, sometime the component manufacturers tries to manipulate the market or sometime they source their component requirements in the spot market. This is where, these component distributors step in and they acts like an assurance of price, quality and timely delivery. They never let the price go too high to reach and they act a go-between to ensure confidentiality.

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Production Manager:
What is the story behind, “last time buy and how can a component distributor helps on that?”

Sales Representative:
There are cases when these manufacturers turn up with a last time buy notice for some reasons and this notice is generally applicable on bulk buys. Now, not every electronic component maker can buy the whole lot and at this situation, Electronic component distributors can sway these worries by buying the whole lot and then selling them as per requirements.

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Production Manager:
So, do you people serve international buyers as well and can you get us components from international locations as well?

Sales Representative:
Yes off course, we do deal across the boundaries. We can get you any component from any part of the world. We do deal in the obsolete electronic components which are either outdated or are hard to find otherwise.

Therefore, from now onwards you know why these Electronic Component Distributors are bliss for electronic component buyers . Visit https://www.chipchecker.com for further details.
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