Beer Goggles


Beer Goggles

Traumatized after his father’s mysterious suicide, twenty-nine-year-old Scotland native Stevie McDonald begins an irresponsible and dangerous foray into the dark world of alcohol and sex addiction. Stevie, a former rugby and football player is on a downward spiral initiated by the guilt he feels in not being able to prevent his father’s tragic death. Plagued by nightmares, Stevie looks for answers and comfort from the bottle and, as a result, regularly blacks out from his excessive drinking. In a desperate attempt to shock Stevie into rehabilitation, a childhood friend and electronics guru designs beer goggles-fashion eyewear complete with a miniature camcorder that documents Stevie’s every move-both in and out of the bedroom. Stevie is finally convinced to try the goggles after waking up one morning next to a redheaded stranger whose name he can’t remember. When Stevie is finally able to view the embarrassing, random, and sometimes violent alcohol-induced events on his laptop, everyone crosses their fingers and hopes for the best, but only time will tell if Stevie can win the battle over his inner demons and turn his life around.

Price: $ 8.99
Sold by Rakuten Kobo Canada


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