Free Satellite TV Receivers – Who Has The Best Iformation


You probably know that DISH Network and DIRECTV will give you a free satellite TV dish and free satellite TV receivers when you subscribe to their service. But which of the two satellite companies has the best receivers?

Here’s a satellite TV receiver review:

DISH Network Free Satellite TV Receivers

Dish Network offers three free receivers – a standard receiver, a DVR (digital video recorder) receiver, and an HD (high definition) receiver.

The standard receiver features an on-screen program guide so you can see what shows are on satellite TV, parental controls so you can block programs that are you feel are inappropriate for your children, and unlimited channels storage so you can store your favorite channels.

Their DVR receiver lets you digitally record up to 100 hours of your favorite shows. In addition, you can also pause the show you’re watching, get a snack or answer the telephone, then resume watching your show when you’re ready.

DISH Network’s HD receiver lets you watch your satellite TV shows in high definition. This receiver features Dolby Digital audio for the best sound available, and component outputs that allow you to hook up your receiver to your stereo or home theater system.

DISH Network HD DVR Receiver

If you want a receiver that will let you record your favorite programs and view them in high def, then for $ 199 you can order DISH Network’s HD DVR receiver. This combination receiver has all the features of the DVR and HD receivers mentioned above, plus you can record up to 200 hours of programming.

DIRECTV Free Satellite TV Receivers

DIRECTV offers three free receivers – a standard, DVR, and HD receiver.

Their standard receiver features DIRECTV Active which lets you set up personalized updates for your local weather, lottery results, and your favorites list, plus it has parental controls with rating restrictions and spending limits.

Their DVR receiver can record 100 hours of satellite TV programming, pause and rewind programs to create instant replays, and fast forward through commercials. The on-screen guide allows you to search for shows by title, actor’s name, keyword, or channel.

DIRECTV’S HD receiver gives you high definition video for a crystal-clear picture, and features Dolby Digital audio for a realistic sound. Audio outputs allow you to connect your receiver to a home theater system or stereo.


DIRECTV offers an HD DVR receiver similar to DISH Network’s for $ 199 (after a $ 99 mail-in rebate). Their combination HD DVR receiver has all the features of their HD and DVR receivers plus it has 200 hour recording capability (50 hours in HD mode).

Bottom Line

Both DISH Network and DIRECTV’s receivers are state of the art and have features and functions so similar that when it comes to whose receiver is best it’s six of one, a half-dozen of the other.

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