How to Add a Book to the Kindle Store

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Discover why over a thousand eBook publishers are already using this tool to crush it on Kindle…

Kindle Publishing Wizard allows you to create, format and publish your Kindle books to the live marketplace all within one central control panel.

No need to learn weird coding, or risk losing files, or waste days going back and forth with the Kindle approval team.

In fact, you don’t even need MS Word to create your books anymore!

With Kindle Publishing Wizard you can…

– Create new books within your control panel (no need for MS Word!)
– Upload existing books to edit and format for Kindle
– Auto format your entire book in seconds
– Auto format your Table of Contents
– Submit to Kindle marketplace
– Manage your entire Kindle library, working files and uploads in one place
– Grab sales reports without logging into Kindle

Rocket your Kindle exposure…
Faster, hassle free publishing means more books on Kindle… and more books means more money, period.

Supercharge your sales…
Better formatting means better reviews… and better reviews means more sales.

Save a bucket load of cash…
No more freelance formatters that drain your wallet

Bring back the fun…
Forget the stresses and strains of file management, book rejections, bugs and bad reviews and fast-track your Kindle empire today
So with that in mind…

Say goodbye to the complicated formatting…

… the buggy Table Of Contents issue…

… the file management hassles…

… these things can eat up your time and money, potentially putting you out of the Kindle game altogether.

And that’s why thousands of people have already invested in Kindle Publishing Wizard…

Grab your copy now at

There has never been a better time to cash in with Kindle. With billions — yes literally billions — being spent each year on Kindle books, now is the time to get as many of your books published on there as possible.
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