How to Get Accurate Measurement With Wood Moisture Meter


When comes to building a home, measuring amount of water in the structure of the home is important. This helps in determining water damage within the framework of the home. As we know wood plays important role in home construction and many other applications but if we ignore the content of moisture present in the wood, it would create unwanted problems. Naturally, wood that used for construction has moisture content of approximately 19 percent. This moisture content in wood can be varying from the type of wood. The moisture above this level can cause the wood to warp or shrink after the installation. When the wood dries, the level of the moisture settles between seven and thirteen percent. In a survey, it was found that at least 75 percent of the wood manufacturing problems are moisture related. Wood problems begin and end with monitoring and controlling the moisture in wood.

The fact is that, when the moisture content in wood changes, wood contracts or expands and this in turn creates variety of problems. The content of moisture present in wood is measured as a ratio between the weight of the water in the wood and the weight of the wood itself. This moisture content (MC) ratio is stated as a percentage.

The technique of interior probe for moisture test utilizing is generally accomplished when the home is not available for the exterior probe method. The interior probe test can access the sheathing by penetrating the sheetrock and the vapor barrier through the small holes. The probes are then inserted to the holes and the measurement is obtained at the sheathing.

Other than this, there is also another technique for detecting the amount of moisture in the structure is through the radioscopic scanning. This moisture testing technique is frequently applicable for wood or vinyl and is commonly carried out to place the possible areas of moisture. A device called scanner is employed in this kind of technique. This scanner is used for determining the density of the substance within the wall. It is fundamentally just a preliminary test which is normally followed by the probe testing for measuring the content of the moisture.

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One of the most common devices or moisture meter, which is useful for measuring moisture of wood, is Bionics Scientific wood Moisture Meter. This wood moisture meter can provide you with additional features and performances beyond those of the regular moisture test tool. The meter contacts the probes which are at the end of a 3 foot coiled cable to detect moisture in difficult to attain the locations. The 10 point scale corresponds to the moisture levels from 10-28%. The scale and the reference chart correlate relative and moisture percentage readings.

This moisture meter for wood is wonderful for building contractors, inspectors, engineers, developers and also homeowners. This moisture meter can be used to discover when the potentially damaging excess moisture exists. It functions well in testing hard or soft wood, plaster, concrete, carpet and much more for determining extend of the moisture problem. You can also use it for checking the surface before wallpapering, painting, or laying the floors or tile. This wood moisture meter enables you to choose the drier lumber.

Not only this, this Bionics Scientific wood moisture meter can place and trace the roof leaks and water seepage and it can also assess the extent of the wet rot and hidden condensation. It comes with dual reading scale that offers relative (1-10) and moisture percentages (10-28%) readings. This meter requires one 9 volt battery.

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If you are looking for efficient and reliable wood moisture meter, it is advisable to go for checking out the details about moisture test meter, you may get more knowledge related to wood moisture meters. Other moisture meter that falls to this category is concrete moisture meter. This is eligible for measuring content of moisture within concrete, which ensures the use of concrete in buildings.

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