What Is A Server – Web Server, Application Server

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, What Is A Server – Web Server, Application Server

Server is a piece of software that receives your request and act upon it. But that’s just an overview. Full Stack Development has servers sitting at the centre of it, so let’s dive into servers.

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Do you want to install a basic Webserver consisting of Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a Windows Machine for your Local Websites and Development?
Then follow this guide which describes the installation and configuration process step by step.

This guide is made on a Windows 10 Machine using the latest Apache 2.4 and PHP 7, but this guide can be applied on older versions of Windows and on older PHP Versions !! Necessary changes are mentioned in video !!

***** Links *****
– Apache : https://www.apachelounge.com/download/
– PHP : http://windows.php.net/download#php-7.0
– MySQL : http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/5.7.html
– phpMyAdmin : https://www.phpmyadmin.net/

***** Step By Step *****
– Download the latest Apache Version from the official Website https://www.apachelounge.com/download/ — Zip-File
– Copy Apache24 folder from Zip-File to your C: Drive
– Navigate into C:/Apache24/bin
– Open file –httpd– with Rightclick — Run as Administrator
!! IF ERROR –VCRUNTIME140.dll— shows up apply the Guide from this video: https://youtu.be/-R3LuYNQf98 !! and close that window again.
– Open Start-menu — Type in : cmd — Right Click — Run as Administrator
– Type in CMD —- cd /Apache24/bin —
– Type in — httpd -k install — leave CMD open
– Download !!THREAD SAFE!! Version of PHP from :http://windows.php.net/download#php-7.0
– Open PHP Zip-File
– Create folder –PHP– in the C: Drive
– Copy Content of PHP Zip-File to C:/PHP/
– Go to C:/PHP
– Search for File with name: “php7apache2_2.dll” and copy the name !! File has other name if older PHP version was downloaded !!
– Go to C:/Apache24/conf
– Open File “httpd” with Editor
– Scroll to bottom and add the following Code:
” LoadModule php7_module “C:/PHP/php7apache2_4″
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php
PHPIniDir C:/PHP ”
!! Change PHP Version 7 to the one that you have chosen !!
– Search for line ” DirectoryIndex index.html ” Change to: “DirectoryIndex index.php index.html”
– Save and close
– Go back to CMD and type in ” httpd -k restart ”
– Download MySQL from : http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/5.7.html
– Install MySQL with downloaded installer “Developer Default”
– During Installation choose ROOT Password and save it for later use
– Download phpMyAdmin from : https://www.phpmyadmin.net/
– Copy Folder in Zip File into C:/Apache24/htdocs
– Rename copied folder into “phpmyadmin”
– Navigate to C:/PHP
– Rename File “php.ini-production” to “php.ini”
– Open php.ini with Editor
– Search for Line “extension=php_mbstring.dll”
– Remove Semicolon “;” in front of “extension=php_mbstring.dll” and “extension=php_mysqli.dll”
– Save Exit
– Open CMD and Type in ” httpd -k restart ”

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