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In today’s busy world, no one actually has the time to watch television and this busy working schedule also hampers the movie buffs who could not go to watch movies because of the work.
But now here is a source using which you can work and keep a track on the latest news simultaneously. There is a computer software called PlayOn which along with its companion allows you to watch live TV news and your favourite programs with the help of various Internet sites such as Amazon, Netflix and the likes.
These sites have a cache system which stores programs from various channels and some even give direct feed to have access to the live news. You can even watch these news live on your mobile phones.
PlayOn, a part of MediaMall, has also added a channel pug-in store that allows developers and the visitors to create their own lineups and channels. So, if you are travelling and don’t want to miss your favourite prime time news, then just switch this application and watch the news live.
But what if you are watching your favourite program and at the same time, an another program plays on some other channel which you don’t want to miss. Obviously, either you will keep hopping from one channel to another during intervals or else you will miss one. Now, you don’t have to do both as PlayLater allows you to record any show or movie and watch them at your convenience.
Recording shows with the PlayLater app is as simple as opening the application on your computer, locating the program you want, and pressing the record button.
Another interesting factor of PlayLater is that it lets you transfer your recorded shows to your phone, if in case you don’t have an internet connection.
Let us see what system requirements are needed to install PlayOn. A basic computer with atleast a dual-core processor in essential alongwith an internet connection with atleast 2mbps downloading speed is essential. This application highly supports Apple and Android devices, so if you have any of them you can easily watch your listed programs without switching on your television set.


There are some websites which offer free services of live TV whereas some websites requires proper subscription. It is advisable to get a subscription as it allows you to watch almost all the programs available online because the free services does not have access to many programs.
But if you are cutting costs and could not spend on a subscription then also PlayOn has an option for you. Websites like Hulu Plus and Netflix offer subscription on a small amount of $ 8.
Also, PlayOn application has about 35 free channels including the National Geographic. Also, in this list there are few live TV news channels like Bloomberg and Al Jazeera. For the sport buff in you, PlayOn also offers ESPN channel.
PlayOn players are accessible for almost every mobile device and also work with a wi-fi connection. It works same with different operating platforms, whether it’s

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