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American Star is a fun, fast read with plenty of sex. If you’re a fan of the reality TV show, this one is for you.” -Manic ReadersAuthor’s Note: AMERICAN STAR is, and was always supposed to be, an adult, satirical look at what might go on behind the scenes of a TV reality show like “American Idol”. It’s both funny and campy (there’s a difference). It’s also very erotic, in the true sense of classic gay erotic fiction, and there is romance. But not the kind of romance that will leave you with wet eyes like some of my other romances. This is more of a modern romance, between very strong gay men, who do not apologize for their needs and the way they live their lives. And, many of the scenes are based on my own personal experiences as an openly gay man. I had fun writing this book, laughing at myself and with the characters. If you like watching “American Idol,” you’ll love Ryan Field’s American Star! Terrence loves two things in life: hot sex with good looking men and singing on stage. So when he auditions for a new TV reality show that’s a singing competition, it’s no surprise when he starts to attract tons of fans and horny guys who are interested in getting into his tight pants. When he develops deeper feelings for one of the other contestants in Hollywood, he does his best to seduce him in every way possible. But the other contestant is more worried about singing than sex, so Terrence winds up sleeping with a lot of other thankful guys to deal with the rejection. Then he has to deal with a deranged fan who sends him death threats, the overbearing mother of his newest love interest, and the brutal death of a close friend. But none of this stops him from growing as a performer, and with a little help from a well-hung chauffeur, a few good looking top guys who work in a hotel, and his ex-lover the football player, he learns how to please all the men in his life with a huge smile on his face and legs that are always ready to open wide. Experience another fantastic ride wi

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