Mermaids – The Legendary Creatures That Live In Water


There have been a great number of different stories and folktales that have been written about mermaids. These legendary creatures are found in the seas and oceans of the world according to the stories. In many of these stories, they describe the mermaid as having the lower portion of the body of a fish, and the upper part of the body of a woman. There are many different cultures around the world that tell stories about mermaids. In some of the stories, mermaids are harmless and fear humans because they do not know anything about them. However, in other stories, mermaids are the cause of disasters such as floods and shipwrecks. Different cultures view mermaids in different lights.

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There have been many people that have reported that they have seen actual mermaids; however, there has never been any evidence that has been found in order to prove that these creatures exist. Christopher Columbus was a famous explorer that said that he saw a mermaid during his travels. There are a lot of people that believe that those that think that they have seen mermaids have actually seen animals that live in the seas and oceans that resemble the shape of a mermaid. There are numerous stories that have been written about mermaids. The most popular story that was written about this was the Little Mermaid. This was originally written by Hans Christian Anderson, who was a Danish author. Then Walt Disney made this story into a cartoon movie. Some of the first stories that were written about mermaids were written sometime around 1000 B.C.

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There has been a Greek myth that has been written about a mermaid. This story came about after the death of Alexander the Great’s sister had passed away. The folktale says that she will ask each ship that is sailing through the Aegean Sea if King Alexander is still alive. Supposedly, the sailor is supposed to reply, “he lives and reigns and conquers the world.” Once the sailor has provided her with this answer, she will then bid them farewell. However, if the sailor gives her the wrong answer, she then creates a storm that kills all of the sailors that are aboard the ship. In many of the folktales that are told about mermaids, it is said that they are humans that are able to breathe water and live in the oceans and seas. If they have children by humans, the children are able to live underwater as well.


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