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THIRD NOVEL IN THE NAUGHTY 90s TRILOGY, SET IN THE 1920s.Milly Belfort, daughter of Emma’s former maid, Kitty, travels to Florence with her Cambridge tutor, with whom she is having a lesbian affair. Soon, however, she is having close encounters with the male sex, and gets drawn into performing as a porn star in the burgeoning film industry. Mixing with the decadent ‘Flapper’ set, she experiences the wilder shores of sex, including a stint as a Mistress of Correction. When she falls for a young student, Robin, Milly conceals her scandalous past for fear of losing him. She cannot hide her licentious nature forever though, and soon a crisis arrives that forces her to make a difficult choice. Originally published as a Black Lace novel, The Actress contains many explicitly sexual scenes of a varied nature. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

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