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  1. Isaac Newton:

    A man who doesn’t need any introduction. Newton was a physicist, mathematician as well as astronomer. He is considered one of the greatest scientists of all time. His discoveries on gravity, optics, force and motion gave a way to the world of science and to many discoveries. He was honored with a Knighthood in 1705.

    2. Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist is also known as “Master of the Universe” and considered as one of the geniuses of our times. Prof. Hawking key fields of study are quantum gravity and general relativity, he claimed that black holes emit radiation and also he mentioned in his book titled “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” that he believes in the existence of aliens. He gave analysis on the structure of aliens and how they look like.

    3. Marie Curie:

    Also known as madam curie was the first female to receive Nobel Prize for her work on radioactivity in 1903 with her husband, Pierre curie. She was a chemist as well as a physicist, who won Nobel Prize for the second time in 1911 for her discoveries in chemistry. Her discoveries include radioactive elements polonium and radium.

    4. C.V. Raman:

    Sir Chandrasekhar Venkat Raman was an Indian physicist and a Nobel recipient in the year 19030. He made great discoveries in the field of light scattering. The phenomenon “Raman Effect” which is named after him earned him the Nobel Prize.

    5. Albert Einstein:

    Albert Einstein is considered as one of the genius scientists in the history of science. His work on time, space, light earned him a Nobel Prize. He was honored with Nobel Prize in 1921. Einstein discoveries laid a foundation to many new discoveries.

    6. Srinivasa Ramanujan:

    Ramanujan was an Indian mathematician, did most of his research on mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series etc. His discoveries are highly unconventional and gave base to many new discoveries. Ramanujan passed away in 1920 at the age of 32.

    7. Aristotle:

    He is a Greek philosopher and scientist who believed that the wisdom of every individual was based on their insight or perception. His discoveries include in fields like biology, zoology, physics and ethics.

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    8. Aryabhatta:

    Aryabhatta is considered as one of the great persons in the field’s mathematics and astronomy. He is the person developed the concept of “zero” and hypothesized the approximation of π (pi) in around 500 AD. His works in mathematics include trigonometry and algebra. His had researched on solar system, eclipses etc. The first Indian satellite was named after his name Aryabhatta.

    9. Xuanzang:

    He was a Chinese traveler, scholar and translator who was responsible for all communications between India and China during Tang Dynasty.

    10. APJ Abdul Kalam:

    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is an Indian scientist, who is also known as the Missile Man of India”. He served as the President of India from 2002 to 2007. For his contributions to India’s ballistic missile projects which were undertaken by DRDO, he was nicknamed as Missile Man of India.

    11. Homi Jahangir Bhabha:

    He is an Indian nuclear physicist who is also known as father of the Indian Nuclear program. His famous works were the Cascade process of cosmic radiation and the phenomenon known as Bhabha Scattering.

    12. Amartya Sen:

    Amartya Sen is an Indian philosopher and economist who, also known as the Mother Teresa of Economics”. Amartya sen was awarded the Nobel prize in the year 1998 for his great achievements in the field of Welfare Economics. His contributions are in human develop theory, gender equality and political liberalism.

    13. Karl Marx:

    Marx was an German philosopher, economist and sociologist. His discoveries in economics laid the basis for understanding the concept of distribution of labor and capital.

    14. J.C Bose:

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    Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was an Indian biologist, botanist and physicist. He is the person who proved and provided hypothesis that plants has life. He also did some work in the field of wireless communication and he was knighted for his discoveries in the year 1917.

    15. Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar:

    He is a social activist and reformed who played an important role in demolishing Sati and passed the widow remarriage act. He is also a great scholar.

Author: Stalker Roy
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