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In the wake of some of the most horrific bird flu pandemics in the history of civilization, news has spread from nation to nation like wildfire. People are starting to feel a sense of fear that maybe there is a possibility that an epidemic could occur in their town or city. The latest bird flu news has been that many countries in the region of South East Asia are still under risk of another outbreak. Many nations have taken the liberty of culling hundreds of thousands of birds so as to attempt to put a stop to this deadly virus.

Some other bird flu news comes out of Africa where in Nigeria 700,000 birds have been culled since the latest outbreak earlier this year. The cost of undertaking such a massive termination of poultry has reportedly cost the country nearly 4.5 million, making it one of the most expensive culls in history. Many experts believe that the termination of this many birds was in fact unnecessary and in doing so could actually cause more problems for the country in terms of increased food shortages in the already poverty-stricken nation.

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Previous bird flu news has been that Indonesia says it will separate poultry farms from residential areas as a move to prevent anymore dangerous outbreaks in the future. Many people say that this will not fully remove the threat of further epidemics in the country as the poor nation struggles through yet another tough disease stricken year. It’s estimated that many more Indonesian’s will loose their lives in over the next few years as a result of bird flu despite attempts to bring the virus under control.

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In more lightened news of bird flu, the European Union has recently begun efforts to supply many countries who are suffering endemics, fresh medical supplies as a attempt to end one of the longest standing influenza epidemics the world has ever seen. Many people are skeptical at this attempt and believe that an even larger effort must be taken if humanity id ever going to be free of this devastating disease.

Other bird flu news is that experts are suggesting that China is the country at most risk of the next bird flu epidemic and says that more caution should be taken when introducing poultry to consumers from now on. Many Asian countries export chicken and other poultry products back and forth and China accepts many nation’s chicken do to it’s high demand to feed the most populated country in the world.

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So there it is the latest bird flu news. It’s important to stay up to date with precedings over the next couple of months. Hopefully soon we will have a cure and we won’t have to worry about bird flu showing up on the news again!

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