Flowserve offers real-time remote process control with world’s first ISA100 …

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Flowserve offers real-time remote process control with world's first ISA100
Built from the ground up and driven by user requirements, the ISA100 Wireless™ standard received formal ANSI approval in January 2012 and approval as IEC 62734 in September 2014. ISA100 Wireless™ is the only IPv6, 6LowPAN industrial protocol …
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13th Five Year Plan Stresses Economic Restructuring
Key priorities include resolving nationwide industrial overcapacity, promoting investment across sectors, strengthening property protection, supporting SOE reform and private sector development, reforming healthcare coverage and approval procedures …
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People's resilience helps Russia dodge deeper crisis
Some have had their nominal wages cut, too: lower pay has been an important safety valve for the Russian economy, helping businesses keep costs down as demand flags. The weaker rouble, which helped drive inflation to 12.9 percent … Despite declining …
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